1. Reserve your seats!

2. Enjoy Dinner with Dr. Barker

2. Enjoy Dinner with Dr. Barker

This is the first step to your next best you.

Dinner is free, and includes a wonderful meal from the delicious Three Bulls Steakhouse menu.

If you are coming with a spouse or friend, be sure to sign up together or note that on your reservation so you will be seated together!

Please note:  this event is catered for adults only.

2. Enjoy Dinner with Dr. Barker

2. Enjoy Dinner with Dr. Barker

2. Enjoy Dinner with Dr. Barker

Dinner starts promptly at 6:15pm. 

Please arrive 5-10 minutes early to allow time to find your seat and the server to take your order.

Dinner with Dr. Barker lasts approximately 60 minutes, but you're welcome to hang out after! 


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Dinner with Dr. Barker at Three Bulls

1480 River Ridge Drive, Clemmons, North Carolina 27012, United States

About Dr. Barker

Dr. Jason Barker, DC

Growing up in the traditional American household, he was active in sports, fast-food, and visiting medical doctors often. From asthma attacks, to headaches, and even high blood pressure in his early 20's, the medical model was all he knew to turn to for help. But instead of getting better and better, he found himself sicker than ever. A serious football injury during his senior year of college changed the trajectory of his future. You would think the injury would have caused him to be worse, and for a short time it indeed did, but it was because of that he decided he was fed up and turned a different route. Since then, he's received his Doctorate of Chiropractic and practiced natural health protocols for nearly a decade. Watching himself, his friends, and his patients restore their health is the very reason he does dinner events. 

Dinner with Dr. Barker

will change the trajectory of your health. of your life.

Dr. Barker founded Stagecoach Family Chiropractic in Clemmons in 2015, and has enabled thousands of people to reverse acute and chronic health conditions. 

For More Information: 

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Clemmons, NC 27012

www. StagecoachFamilyChiro.com